Best online dating sites for wealthy people in 2014 [1]

As online dating becomes more and more popular, dating services for wealthy people are quite in demand. With a simple click on, you can easily find a dating website with wealthy men or some ads from dating website for wealthy people on the right column.

There are so many choices, so you are very likely to get confused and don’t know which one is the real and credible. And you usually cannot get help from a friend as you may not want to disclose such private info that you want to join a dating website with wealthly men.

The following list of best online dating sites for wealthy people in 2014 picked out a few quality ones among the thousands of wealthy men dating site for you.

#1 MillionaireMatch

Probably you’ve heard of this name before, probably not. The truth is, it has been voted “Best of the Web” by “ highlights the ‘millionaires’ in its listings” by Wall Street Journal.

To join a website for wealthy men dating young beautiful women, this is your first choice.


This website has been in service since 2001, 13 years till now. If you check the history of wealthy men dating site carefully, you will find a long list which includes many no longer existing website. A website with 13 years are really seldom. is the leading dating site where wealth and beauty come together for the ultimate online dating experience. If you look for wealthy men for hangout or  relationship, this is your best choice.


MillionaireCupid attracts singles who earns 200k+ per year or who has a net worth of 1+ million, it’s a premium dating website for wealthy people in deed as well as in name.

Certified millionaire verification system ensures their members are real and trustful. Starting from a few years ago, this dating site for wealthy people focus on building a scam-free dating envionment by filtering out frauds and jerks. If you care for your privacy and identity and don’t want to meet jerks, this website is right for you.

(To be continued…)

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Three quick dating tips for those who wants to marry a millionaire

marry a millionaire1) Marry for love, but money. This is the main principle for everybody to find a date, or marriage. If the love is not existing, the relationship will not last for long. Even your partner doesn’t care for that, you can’t find your happiness either.

2) Be honest about your financial status. To get a date, you need to be honest. To maintain your relationship, you need to be loyal. So if you are lucky enough to find a millionaire as a partner, be honest about yourself, especial your financial status. Probably he will not care for how much you earns, but he will care for whether you can treat him seriously, sincerely.

3) Let him go if he is not right for you, even if he is a real millionaire. Yes, it’s really hard to find the right one for date, especially if you want to date a millionaire with great background. Sometimes you may find a millionaire and finally realized that he is not your type, try to calm down and let him go. You need to be responsible for yourself, your family, so you’d better not follow up with the wrong person.

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To 10 Millionaire Dating Sites in 2013


This is the millionaire dating where charlie sheen met one of his girlfriends a few years ago, this is also the dating site where brittany spears joined a few months ago. To become a certified millionaire on, you need to make $200k+ or have a net worth of more than $1 million.


This is a millionaire dating which caters to serious relationship and marriage, this is a millionaire dating with highlights genuine people and genuine dating experiences, this is a dating site which has been working for over 12 years. On this millionaire dating site, free membership will allow you to read and reply to emails, chat messages, and more.

#3 is a dedicated dating site for hot girl, young hot, hot woman, hot models, hot man to meet each other for love, romance and enduring relationships. This is a also great dating site for meeting rich man, beautiful lady and more.


Hotter and racier, this popular “arrangements” site is clear in its intention: to connect older, well-off guys (sugar daddies) with attractive younger women for mutual satisfaction. There are high-quality photos but no chat rooms or voice introductions. This site covers Canada, the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.


Just like the site mentioned: is the leading dating site where wealth and beauty come together for the ultimate online dating experience. Dating, relationships and romance encounters are just some of the things you will find in the best upscale community. Looking for wealthy men? This is the right place.

#6 was founded in 2002. With about 10 years development, This dating site got a number of real wealthy men, who are listed as verified wealthy men. If you don’t want to be the last one to connect these wealthy men, Hurry up.


Similar to, this dating site connects millionaires with beautiful and young women, for sugar relationships. Members can also become a verified millionaire on this website to make them stand out. This website has an official blog which provides relationship tips.


This is a millionaire dating site for “discreet encounters”, with a database of 50k members internationally. Video chat, chatrooms, and voice introductions are just a few of the features from this service.


At the beginning, this millionaire dating site was a partner of Then it set up its own dating site and runs independently. So it has a great background and understanding of millionaire dating industry. It offers a free basic membership or a premium membership that allows for an expanded profile and “little black book” for organizing your profile and sharing it with preferred guests.


We put it here, just because of the millionaire matchmaker TV show is widely spreaded around America. However, the TV show is not aiming at online dating, but a real show. If you are rich enough and want to be aired on bravo and get some personal tips from Patti Stanger, this is the right choice for you. Till now, The Millionaire Matchmaker TV show has brought together many couples.

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Internet dating site for millionaires – the final approach for everybody to connect top successful single men

Internet dating site for millionairesTo date a real millionaire, without doubt, the Internet dating site for millionaires is the most effective choice for the majority. Generally speaking, this post is for those who wanted to date top successful single men without having a successful background, which is quite meaningful for the mass.

Why use Internet dating site for millionaires? There can be many great benefits.

At first, on millionaire dating site, you can search profiles and read the basic information of the guy you are interested in. So you get a first impression by reading the profile. When you start to connect this guy, you can easly break the ice as you know what he likes. A good start is half the work done, try to leave a good first impression on him with the information you have already got.

On Internet dating site for millionaires, you can approach the guy through online communication tools, such as Winks, Emails, Live chat, and a lot more. Without meeting face to face before you know each other well, you saved a lot: time, energy, cost.

Of course, if you are not very social or not very able to show your best before a stranger, millionaire dating site will help you avoid these problems effectively.

Last but not least, Internet dating site for millionaires provides you with an easy approach for anybody to connect millionaires. If you don’t have enough access to these top successful single men, this is your solution, the final one.

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Tips for your photo on dating sites for successful professionals

Dating sites for successful professionalsIf you joined some dating sites for successful professionals, you may not be able to update your profile when you have something new, especially when you have a new look in your appearance.

Statistics shows that 68.4% online daters don’t have recent photo on their dating profile. That’s the reason why so many online daters are so disappointed with the real person when they meet face to face.

Online dating, sincerity is the most important virtue for everybody. If you take it seriously and be honest to others, you are more likely to get the same as a return. Derek, a middle aged gentleman who has been with online dating for about 4 years, shared some of his dating experiences with us, dating profile is the most important reflection for online daters, and the photo is the most important part for the whole profile. If you underwent a change in your appearance, update your photos on your dating profile, and add a note on when the photo was taken. This tells your potential match how you look like at present, and it also adds more credibility to your dating profile.

Derek said, if you recently shaved your head, dyed your hair, or converted from straight to curly hair, shaved your beard, it’s a right time for you to take a new photo and show your new portrait to others. The newest look will always be the most impressive.

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Is your parnter too self absorbed?

Is Your Partner Too Self-Absorbed?

When you like someone, it is natural to minimize their flaws without even thinking about it. This can lead to disaster later on though so be careful. If you have started to notice a few things that make you think that your partner is a bit too selfish, keep your eyes open for some serious warning signs.

It Is All About Me

The most obvious sign that your date might be a bit of a narcissist is that they can’t stop talking about themselves. Every accomplishment is worth bragging about for hours on end. They need attention all of the time and are definitely looking for some envy as well.

As if their past accomplishments weren’t enough, they have major plans for the future. Huge, completely unrealistic plans are considered to be a certainty. They are better than everyone else so they are very sure of their abilities. It is great to find someone who is ambitious but if they don’t really seem to have an actual plan for meeting their goals, watch out.

What Rules?

The rules of life simply don’t apply to them.  They don’t need to tip and have some great explanation for it. They don’t need to follow the traffic laws. They have established their own set of rules and there is no talking to them about it.

The rules of politeness don’t apply either. If something else comes up, they have no problem calling at the last minute to cancel. It is all about them and their needs. If you bought tickets to an event weeks ago and now have no one to go with, that is not really their concern.

When you first start dating someone, they should really be on their best behavior. If you are already being rude and self-absorbed, it is only going to go downhill from here.

Fighting Dirty

When you are the greatest, nothing is ever your fault. Shifting blame is a major red flag. If your partner can never seem to accept responsibility for anything, there is a problem. Whenever they tell a story, there is always another person at fault. If the two of you get lost, it is because you didn’t read the directions properly.

A good partner should have no problem admitting to simple mistakes and apologizing every so often. If they can’t maintain good relationships with the other people in their lives, they probably won’t be able to with you either.

Your Needs Are Always Secondary

Whenever you speak up about what you want, there is always some reason why that is impossible. They don’t care enough to take the simple steps to make you happy and comfortable. If they need to make every decision and aren’t interested in your input, there is a definite problem. The two of you should be making decisions together. If they are already showing that they are unwilling to compromise, they probably aren’t going to change in the future.

Look for simple signs. Is your partner trying to make you comfortable? Are they making sure that you are enjoying yourself? If they are only concerned with themselves, it is time to take a step back.

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