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Guys: Is it crazy to want to live your own dreams?

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millionaire dating, millionaire singles, beautiful women datingQ: Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to be a princess, meet my prince, get married and have children and just feel loved. I also have so many other dream fantasies. Everyone always say dreams are for kids and that you’ll never achieve them. Personally I feel my dreams are quite simple but am I wrong for wanting to chase them?

Dreams are what keep the soul and spirit alive. Without dreams a life is the same as death.

“Never” is a long time. There’s nothing wrong with having dreams, but what if your prince turns out to be an abusive ogre? How will you protect yourself and your children? You MUST develop a plan B!
– Invest in yourself.
– Develop short term and long term goals.
– Determine what tasks/milestones must be accomplished to achieve these goals. Write them down!
– Think about your goals/tasks everyday, and work toward getting them done.
– Think about going to nursing school. There are more available jobs with better pay and opportunities for advancement.
– Persevere/stick with it and work hard now while you are young. You are much more likely to meet a prince if you are smart, successful and have your life together.
– Don’t waste your time playing video games. You will only get fat and mentally lazy. (Sorry about this one) :)

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