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Tips for your photo on dating sites for successful professionals

If you joined some best millionaire dating sites for successful professionals, you may not be able to update your profile when you have something new, especially when you have a new look in your appearance. Statistics shows that 68.4% online daters don’t have recent photo on their dating profile. That’s the reason why so many online daters are so disappointed with the real person when they meet face to face. Online dating, sincerity is the most important virtue for everybody. If you take it seriously and be honest to others, you are more likely to get the same as a return. Derek, a middle aged gentleman who has been with online dating for about 4 years, shared some of...

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What’s the problem with webcam photos on your dating profile

To post photos on your dating profile is very important. But some people just send webcam photos to their profiles, which is not a good sign. It’s convenient, but it make bring bad influences to your profile visitors. I’m sorry to tell you folks, but it makes no sense to me why someone would post only a webcam photo to their profile. Surely you must have family, or friends or been involved in activities or events that have captured the essence of who you are – in that moment, among family or friends or colleagues… For me, a picture tells me a lot about you – your personality, your character and who you are when you’re around others. These...

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