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Millionaire dating, the most controversial dating topic in Internet dating, is still the most popular niche dating for young and mature singles. According to statistics, more than 60% of those who wanted to date a millionaire may not be lucky in their millionaire dating journey, but that won’t stop them at all. Possibly the god of love will bless someone and reward him/her a millionaire one day, who knows? However, there are still some tricks which may increase the possibility of luck. First, a quality, reputable millionaire dating site would save lots of time and energy. We’ve included a basic introduction of some reputable millionaire dating sites. Hope it helps. #1 This is the top millionaire dating site...

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Millionaire Dating: Relationship problems from busy people

Many people may have such experience when they tried to date a millionaire from a top ranked millionaire dating site: their millionaire mate is always busy for dating. It’s really hard to meet them face to face, let alone start a relationship. Now, one millionaire women realized this problem and shared the following info: Dear Millionaire Match Dating Experts, I am a friendly, fun and busy professional. I received many visits to my profile in last 3 months. Unfortunately I got little communications with them. When I email them initiately, usually I don’t get a response. I wonder what the problem is. Any ideas for me to get out of this rut? When we got this, we realized that...

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Online Dating Competition Uses Fengshui For Millionaire Matchups

An millionaire dating shop is working to find millionaire match for 18 millionaires from woman around the world. It is all a part of a massive competition that has taken the Chinese media by storm. The dating site is, which is not a millionaire dating site for singles worldwide, but a dating site mainly for Chinese singles, and they are looking for high quality matches for eighteen eligible millionaire bachelors. When the news is released, single millionaires from all over the world flew in to China last weekend, and joined the throngs waiting to get through the initial process and into the general contest. A fengshui master, Chen Yongcheng, presiding over the first part of the application dismissed...

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