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Millionaire Matchmaker vs Best Millionaire Dating Sites

Why was millionaire matchmaker so popular in recent years? Just because Patti Stanger helped a couple of millionaires to find them a match? It may be one of the reasons, but absolutely not the most important one. When Patti Stanger tried to help single millionaires to pick up a date, she influenced the mind of millions of people: they have a chance to date a millionaire, and they should not waste their time on an ordinary person. In other words, she was inducing and guiding them to date a millionaire! From the millionaire matchmaker TV show, she coached everybody on how to date a millionaire with real cases, which makes her millionaire dating tips simple and clear. Unfortunately, she...

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Millionaire Dating: How to pick a real date from Internet dating?

Dating a millionaire on the Internet has never been more popular ever before. But when it comes to getting familiar with someone online, or when to meet your cyber mate offline, you’ll find that anonymity of online dating is not as good as it is exclaimed. After talking with some dating experts from Millionaire Matchmaker online, we can’t help sharing the following millionaire dating tips with our members without any delay, as we believed that it will be helpful for those who are still in the online dating group. First, the lack of face to face interaction sometimes can be quite misleading. When you show interest in someone, it just means you are interested in the photo. And when...

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