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What’s the problem with webcam photos on your dating profile

To post photos on your dating profile is very important. But some people just send webcam photos to their profiles, which is not a good sign. It’s convenient, but it make bring bad influences to your profile visitors.

I’m sorry to tell you folks, but it makes no sense to me why someone would post only a webcam photo to their profile. Surely you must have family, or friends or been involved in activities or events that have captured the essence of who you are – in that moment, among family or friends or colleagues…

For me, a picture tells me a lot about you – your personality, your character and who you are when you’re around others. These are NOT things I’m able to tell from a webcam photo. So, webcam photos are not so welcome in the top millionaire dating sites

webcam, dating photo, webcam photoConvenient as it might be, here are a few first impressions I get when I see you in a webcam photo. I hope you find this helpful:

1. ARE YOU DISTORTED or DISTURBED? Webcam photos can produce horrible quality images sometimes making you look scary and distorted – as if you just stepped out of the Twilight Zone or were staring face-first into one of those crazy carnival mirrors.

2. I CAN’T SEE YOU! webcam photos are often too dark making it hard to see you and details of you – your smile or the color of your hair and eyes, for example.

3. DO YOU HAVE FAMILY AND FRIENDS? Is there no one who has taken a decent picture of you that, again, captures who you are? Or are you a kind of a loner? Not family-oriented? Maybe you don’t have any friends?

4. ARE YOU LAZY? is that why you haven’t taken the time to find a few quality photo’s and upload them?

It might be that some of you(like those without a printer/scanner at home or a cable to connect a camera to your computer) think you don’t have access to the technology to scan and upload photo’s, but you do! Go to Walgreen’s, Snyders, Target or WalMart – SO MANY places today will take your photo’s and put them on CD making it easy for you to upload images from!

Now, if you already knew this, then it begs to question: what could possibly be the reason you haven’t done this? Is it:

TIME? then I wonder how much time you would have for a relationship;

INITIATIVE? then I wonder what kind of goals you have and what you could give to a relationship;

RESOURCES or TECHNOLOGY? then I wonder about your resourcefulness because like I said, there are options out there!

5. ARE YOU LACKING THE FINANCES TO INVEST IN SCANNING A FEW GOOD PICTURES for your dating profile? It’s a fairly small investment to transfer photos to CD, so I might wonder about your ability to contribute to dating and a relationship.

6. PHOTOGENIC INSECURITY? don’t worry about it… so many of us are not photogenic! Listen, if you’re not photogenic in a photograph, it’s worse in a webcam photo. Not to mention, like I said in the beginning, just having a photo that tells a story about you – where you were; who you were with; how you enjoyed your time would be worth 100 Xs more than any webcam photo would give us!

So please, take a moment to consider what I’ve said. You’ve taken the steps to get here, and you must be here to find love or other attention… so do it right and do it well.

Because as they say, we don’t get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression.

On a side note and THIS is important, too – make SURE your pictures are within the last few years! Don’t forget that one of the great things about this site is being able to post public comments on a person’s profile… you wouldn’t want someone who thinks they were misled by your dating profile pictures saying so on your profile.

Well, I hope what I’ve shared with you is helpful… Good luck and “put your best face forward!” as they say… :)

May you find the love that you’re looking for!

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